As a long-time veteran of Champ 97-98 I thought I would play one last game to get it out of my system.

97/98 is still the best footy game out there I reckon, it has got just the right balance – not too in-depth but enough to keep you coming back for more. But hey I’m 36 with a family and it’s about time I found something else to do with my life, the garage roof needs fixing for one, so this is the last time, I swear.

I figure the game is going to run a lot quicker now-a-days so I can probably manage 3 teams simultaneously and still play it relatively quickly (it’ll definitely be quicker than a season of Football Manager anyway)

The three teams I’ve chosen are

– Doncaster – they start the game with only 9 or 10 players in their whole squad, so you can effectively build a team from scratch. Apart from the fact that they’ve got no money. Oh, and hardly anyone wants to join them. But as any champ manager afficionados know, there’s plenty of decent free transfers to be had
– Torino – another nice team to start with. They’re in Serie B, with a strong squad and average gates of 50,000 plus a week. This means you’re more or less guaranteed to be in Serie A with a decent budget in no time. Tackling the mid-90’s Italian super-clubs like Juve, Milan and Parma is a different matter though
– Anderlecht – I don’t remember running the Belgian league before, despite growing up there. I thought it’d be an interesting challenge taking charge of a top team in a weaker league. Surely domestic domination will follow, but will we be able to compete in Europe?

Three leagues, 16 bit, three managers, full database, game on…


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  1. dear fellow,

    I´m already following your “inspiration blog” and, by accident, I discovered yours yesterday. Meaning my girlfriend had to deal with me being late at diner =)

    thanks for sharing!


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