Season 12 the story so far

We’re into March 2009 now, and it seems like a long time ago that the English squad returned as champions from Euro 2008 in Spain. At this point in the game, most of the original players have retired and as result the traditional big teams are starting to slip away from the top spots in the table

Here’s the Premier League 12 games in…prem12.jpg

Similar to real life 2016, there’s some unusual clubs in the race for top 6. United, Liverpool etc nowhere to be seen (Arsenal and Newcastle are going to fade away during the season too). Is this a coincidence, or evidence that we are, in fact, living inside a football management simulation that started around 2004? Probably coincidence, but I wouldn’t be the first eminent philosopher to claim that we are all living in simulation

A-a-a-a-nyway, I’m here as a football manager, not an expert on metaphysical matters, and as a football manager I was pretty happy to hear this


Luckily FFP hasn’t reached CM97/98 so my owners are free to pump in as much money as they want. Who will I buy with my new-found riches? Who else..



Here’s a rundown of the most valuable players in world football in 2008


Most of them have played for me at some point. Ickle Michael Owen is the most expensive player in the world after his summer heroics (let’s hope he cashes in on his fame so he won’t need to end up working as a pundit after his retirement). I sold Jorg Seitz to Milan – no regrets though, super Erik Nevland is a better striker. I spent the best part of 23 million on Zizi and Heidmar this summer. Viveros used to play for me, but I think he’s massively overrated (look at his stats). 2 Englishmen and a Scotsman (Alex Martin) in the top 8.

While we’re on transfers, I bid a sad farewell to a bit of a ledge. He’s not getting any younger and we need to recoup some of the money we spent this summer on Zizi and co


I’ll happy take the first-choice Italian right-back off my old club’s hands thoughpiacentini

This bombshell kicked off the season and started an epic-merry go round.


Based on his managerial record Big Nev can’t really complain. nev2

While we’re talking Southall and Owen, here’s a video of him having a go at Michael Owen, after Michael tries to humaliate a 13 year old..

There’s only one man for the Old Trafford hot seat. Brian always seems to have a great CM9798 careerlittlekinnear

Arsenal have poached Joe! Where will my old team turn?royleroyley

He’s done a solid job wherever he has gone (apart from getting Salernitana relegated), but this is a step up. Bryan Robson completes the game of musical chairs


While we’re talking managers, as a fan of 90’s Italian football I like this move


Emiliano back where he belongs and Carlo gets another decent job tooatalanta

Not sure what to say about this one, makes sense for Roy geographically at least..just a couple of stops on the train to Liverpoolruncirn

Gary Neville goes abroad for his first taste of management, that’s sure to end well then



How about some actual football? OK. Guess what, Anderlecht are top in Belgium. We did a nice bit of business on a striker we didn’t really need


Bruges kept pace at first


But performances like this, meant we soon built a decent lead.anderdsgent

My goalie got injured for the last 15 minutes of this game and I had used all my subs. Gent hadn’t had a shot on target so I just played without one for the rest of the match to even things up…



The Premier League turned into a 3-horse race between us, Villa and Sunderland thanks to results like this


Yep that’s Gifton Noel-Williams banging them in for Villa. Deniol Ratcliffe (Gary Speed regen) and Jimmy Nava, both 22, are having big seasons in central midfield.

We were starting to belive, thanks to results like thisvillasunderland

and especially this comeback..3-1 down with 11 minutes left!




It could be a first league title since 1955 for the boys in blue

And could Genoa make it a hattrick of titles for me? We certainly provide enough players to the national team


Marcuz and Sala are Anderlecht players and Nava is Chelsea, but that’s still 10 Genoa representatives!

It was neck and neck in Serie A early on


Then we hit some serious form

ge juveintgenogenoaform

With 8 games left it could be our year


But we’ve been in this position before and Inter are more than capable of taking maximum points from the last 8 games…it’s going to go down to the wire.

The eagle-eyed reader will have spotted a Genoa -v- Chelsea Champions League clash in the fixture list. The Champions League campaign is a whole story in itself so I’ve leave that for next time

For now, I’ll leave you with the worrying news that Roy Evans faces a battle for survival in Division 3. His Runcorn side are languishing below Alan Shearers QPR. Thankfully for all concerned, Alvin Martin’s Southend look doomed to relegation at this stage

div3 bottom.jpg



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