Season 11 – same old story

And so we move into the summer of 2007. The new Wembley has opened, Live Earth concerts take place around the world in the midst of a European heat-wave and the UN declares that 2008 will be the International Year of Languages .

The question on everyone’s lips is – ‘what is the bigger waste of money, a year of languages or Man United’s summer transfer business?’broomes

By March, we have our answer…it’s Marlonbrromes

Arsenal also spend big, on an overpriced player on the fringe of the England squad


I’m happier with the way my teams splash the cash


He was a star for me at Doncaster and still young. £10,000,000 is a LOT of money though, all my transfer budget in fact

Chelsea  and Genoa meanwhile bring in a few good players on cut-price deals, getting them cheap because they have spent the last year on the bench at Inter



As I alluded to in the previous post, the season didn’t get off to a great start for Anderlecht. We dropped more points in the first 11 games this year than we did all of last season. Luckily we then went on a 12-match winning run which saw us go top


And then pull clear


During this run, we did a controversial piece of business. Selling our World-Cup winning centre-forward to Milan and replacing him with a relatively unknown 21 year-old


Despite his big-game goals, Jorg has never really been a regular for us and hasn’t made much of a contribution this season


The reason he hasn’t been a regular is..nevlannd.jpg

Even by his standards, he’s having an incredible season. Check out that Champions League record.

With Erik banging in the goals, you won’t be surprised to see this


Or, in the quarter-finals, this…


There was another Anglo-Belgian battle in the UEFA quarters


Genoa got as far as the last-8 in the Champions League, but we were dumped out by a mid-table Arsenal team


Big shock in Catalonia as Inter crash out. They were 2-1 up on aggregate, with Barca down to 10 men, with 20 minutes left!


Franciso Ferro, a Uruguayan who couldn’t get a look-in at Anderlecht, scored the winning goal. It’s wide open for Anderlecht to go all the way now.

Here’s the line-up for the semi-finals


In late March, Genoa and Chelsea are both on long unbeaten runs but still can’t get the better of Inter or Doncaster

Chelsea have won 16, drawn 8 of the last 24 league games


Genoa are 15-2-0 in the last 17!


Besides the dominance of the usual suspects, it’s noticeable that, 10 years in, the big name teams have started to disappear. Juve, Milan, United, Liverpool etc are nowhere to be seen in the top sixes.

Results like this haven’t helped Milan


Oh and before I go, a quick update on the post-Liverpool career of Roy Evans..

evansroy caREER

That’s 8 jobs, 3 countries and 3 sackings in a decade. You have to admire his work ethic though. No doubt he’ll convince another chairman to give him a job soon…




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