10 years in, a quick recap

So that brings up to the end of season 10. Here’s a rundown of how the trophies have been won since our story began in 1997.


The Italian league has dominated Europe for the most part. 7 Champions League wins, and 17 trophies from a possible 30. Inter with 4 Champions League have been the most successful club on the continent, whilst the city of Turin alone has captured 5 trophies.

English teams have tended to do better in the Cup Winners Cup, with 4 successes – including Birmingham’s memorable back-to-back in 2004&5.

Domestically there have been some clear trendspremo10a10

Juve and Man Utd were the two biggest clubs as the game began, but they have been superceded by Inter and the Doncaster team I built.

In terms of my managerial careers – this incarnation has been the most successful, overseeing a golden period at Anderlecht after winning promotions with Monza and Torino. vino

My doppelganger who started at Anderlecht (and got sacked) has finished 2nd on three seperate occasions, but has yet to win a trophy


My other persona has stayed in England throughout, and had more or less uninterrupted success


End of season awards time. Morten Carlsen is such a superstar that he can be injured for the last 3 months of the season, but still take the honours

awards 07carlsen

Danny Sirakov becomes the first back-to-back top goalscorer in the English top flight


Some crazy seasons there, Scholes-y in 1997/98 and Chris Ohen for Watford two years later in particular

Over in Italy


Ronaldo is 5-time Player of the Year and 4-time top-scorer… fair play.

In Belgium, the Bruges and Anderlecht eras may as well be the Maartens and Nevland eras


Controversially, an Anderlecht player did not win the Player of the Year award, despite us finishing 18 points clear of 2nd place Standard.

Fairwell to Claudio, he never made it over to England, retiring after a decade plus in charge at the Mestallaranieri

Denilson got himself a decent move after walking out of relegated Liverpool


That’s it for season 10. Season 11 update coming soon. Anderlecht won their first 16 games in a row last year, season 11 it only takes one game to end their winning  streak. Fair to say we dominated though…



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