Stars of CM9798 – No. 3 – Man United’s Youth Team!

The class of ’92 were in many ways a one-off, but the creators of CM97/98 weren’t to know that. They evidently assumed that every young player coming out of Man Utd in the following years was going to be as good. This means that at the start of the game there is a group of potentially world class players sitting in the stands under Alex Ferguson. If you’re managing a small club, they might not come to you straight away, but give them a year or two of festering in the United reserves and you can pick them up at a decent price. They’ll be stars for a decade or more


Macclesfield Town's Graham Tomlinson
Graeme Tomlinson


Erik Nevland

Alex Notman - Manchester United Youth 12/4/97 Pic : Stuart Franklin / Action Images
Alex NotmanWesBrown13_280x390_1341090a

Wes Brown


John Curtis

Curtis, Notman, Tomlinson and Nevland between them only played a total of 15 league matches for United, while Wes Brown of course was a regular in the United defence for years. There are a few other decent young players at United when the games starts: Wellens, Brebner, Pilkington and Cooke to name a few, but these 5 are the players who can go on to become world class.

WHAT ARE THEIR VITAL STATS? notman nevland curtis browntomlins

In CM9798, Tomlinson actually starts on a free transfer, make sure he’s the first player you sign up when you load the game for the first time…


The moral of this story is that you have to give them the game time. The longer they go without playing, the more their ability will drop and the less chance they have to fulfill their potential. My current game is evidence of this, Erik Nevland has gone on to become one of the most feared strikers in Europe


Wes Brown, on the other hand is languishing in League 2


But take a look at his stats for this season…the first time he gets a regular run in the team he dominates..

Graeme Tomlinson should never have left Doncaster the first time around. I resigned him when I reached the Premier League, but he never established himself in our starting line-up


Alex Notman is England captain and a star for his club


He’s now worth 9.5 million and has still got years ahead of him

John Curtis is the most frustrating. He often turns out to be the best of the lot, a defensive colossus and long-term captain of England and your club team, but he never got a run of games this time around


I’ve signed him for Chelsea in the hope that it’s not too late for him to blossom. Only 86 games in 9 seasons though…sad waste of talent (serves him right for ditching me for Liverpool back in 2001)

For what it’s worth, two other United youth players, Richard Wellens and Grant Brebner have also had decent Premier League careers

grant rciehe

So in conclusion, sign Tomlinson on a free and play him. Keep an eye om when the other youngsters become available, buy them and play them. You’ll either turn them into world-beaters or sell them at a decent profit..Or of course you could start the game at United, take over from Sir Alex, and try to create a class of 97 as succesful as the predecessors from 5 years previously


One thought on “Stars of CM9798 – No. 3 – Man United’s Youth Team!

  1. I usually start with Lincoln City climbing up to PL trying to win it right away. Sometimes successfully. My experience with the regens is that they sometimes come around being great player, sometimes not at all. Before i used to sign regens directly if they were great stars, now i usually wait for a good scout indicator before i fill my squad with them.


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