Season 6 – story so far

Hello! Yep we’re back and well into season six.. it’s been an interesting one so far, to say the least.

Before we get started, here’s a list of the most expensive players in world football. Dominated by the top English and Italian teams.


Denilson is a bit overrated imo (he was in real life too), for the best player in the world he really hasn’t had much of an impact on Merseyside. Give me Ronalso ahead of him, any day.

As usual, United were busy in the transfer market, snapping up a star goalie amongst others

colding landrea

Over at Doncaster, we signed an unknown Liberian forward (yep George Weah regen). He made his debut in our first match of the season. Controversially being picked ahead of Cezary Kucharski on our Champions League debut. The young lad did OK

benficaaway benfawy

Here’s his Premier League debut…..another first half-hatrick!

mattarredux Has anyone ever had stats like this?!


Our reward for thumping Benfica in the qualifying round was the ‘group of death’.

Probably not quite as hard as Group A, but we’re going to have to knock out one, or both, of the Spanish giants to get through.

Our brilliant start to the season led to our first England call-ups


And guess what we did in our first group game? At the Bernabeu?


A famous night for Doncaster, and the Premier League in general. And we didn’t even need a goal from Zizi Mattar. Real Madrid 0 Doncaster 4, read it and weep.

We then put 4 past Barca! Here’s our early season form

opening fixtures

There were some big managerial changes happening in the meantime…

le tiss wenger arse hodgson chelsea

I don’t know where to start with those. Arsenal have been underachieving, so Arsene had to go. (Although he has underachieved for 10 years in real life, but hey…) Joe Royle and the Hodg obviously have big reputations in the game, but I’m not sure why. Glen Thomas took over the Watford team I built, and a 5-year old child could have got that team to the Premier League, so I think Chelsea could be in for some disappointment…

While Doncaster are flying, Genoa had a bit of a nightmare…stuck in the relegation zone for most of the season, but still able to pull out results like this

milanaway juveaway

That game against Juve was our first league away win (the Milan game was in the Coppa). This left the league looking like this

a27top a27

Next up was Milan away. Milan, top of the league, with no league defeats all season, Genoa with only one away win. The result was inevitable…

milan away

Over in Belgium. it’s the same old story for Anderlecht. Capable of performances like this..


But unable to compete with a club that has the money and reputation to do this…


Doncaster made it out of the La Liga dominated Champions League group. Our reward?


It’s going to be a tough one, PSG are always there or thereabouts in Europe.

We decided to reinvest the money from our European run..

trans5 peachy

Michael Owen and Zizi Mattar competing for the striker’s spot. Time is up for poor Cezary Kucharski.

The league was between us and Manchester United. They seemed to be winning every week, until…

utd doncaster

A fully deserved victory, and we could have won by more

The league table looked like this


Shaping up to be a 3-way battle to the end. Am I finally going to win my first league title? It has taken 6 years so it’s about time really.

A 0-0 draw against PSG left it wide open for the return leg in Paris. Unfortunately


The Parisiens fully deserved it, but we’ll be back next year. Inter will be in the semi-finals, and so will Club Bruges, again


Anderlecht are in the Cup Winners Cup, a much easier tournament, and have made it one step further than Doncaster. Aab had another decent campaign too



Liverpool, full of big-name players, but they always give you a chance.

The FA Cup semis saw 1st drawn against 4th



So it’s all set up for a big finale. Will Doncaster win their first title? Can Anderlecht be the first of my teams to return a European trophy? Will Genoa stay up.. Tune in next time!


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