Waregem again?

So one season in to my reign at the Regenboogstadion and everyone at the club was optimistic that we could kick on this year

We’ve had probably the best transfer campaign in European football, bringing in 7 0r 8 first-team ready players


Within six months of the season, this is what had happened to some of these players..pesky big-club release clausestirusk


onwuz baba

So we were definitely planning to build on last year’s finish…until my Italian alter-ego got offered the Anderlecht job. The plan has always been to have one manager in each country, so I handed in my notice at Waregem, booked a flight to Italy, and started looking for jobs. Here’s one!


Decent size stadium, good attendances and a relatively big club, albeit struggling in Serie B at the moment. In the long-term, they are definitely a better bet than Monza, so I’m happy to say yes when I’m offered the job.

This is how the Jupiler League looked just before my departure.


Bruges and Standard already out of reach.

We immediately got to work bringing some players in.The Genoa squad is desperately short of quality

gen trans

Casiraghi and Buffon aren’t a patch on the real-life counter parts unfortunately, but they are still better than what we’ve got. Daniele Adani is a high-quality sweeper though, and Nunzio Oliveri is coming back to Italy after being one of the best players in the Jupiler League. Ginola will hopefully do a job for a season.

b24 games

So back in Serie B again, for the third time. Still, there’s 14 games to go and we’ve got an outside chance of another promotion.

Over in Serie A, I left Monza in decent shape and they are exceeding expectations at the half-way point


Atalanta are the surprise leaders, but Juve and Inter are circling around the Bergamaschi’s best players, so I don’t expect it to last. Monza above Milan though!

I’ll leave you with a screenshot of David Ginola. Because he’s worth it



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