Stars of CM9798 – No. 1 – Arnor Gudjohnsen

An obscure 36 year-old plying his trade at Orebro at the start of the game might seem an unusual choice for the first CM9798 star. However, we’re not going for the obvious players like (the real) Ronaldo or Paulo Maldini, this is a series about the hidden gems. With Arnor Gudjohnsen, it’s not about him, so much as his regen, who can dominate your midfield (or attack) for a decade.



In real life, he’s Eidur’s dad. That’s doing him a disservice though, he was one of Iceland’s all-time greatest players. At the time he played, he was the nation’s highest ever goal-scorer, and had made more appearances for his country than any-one else. Since he retired, his son has taken over as Iceland’s top scorer and a few players have overtaken him on the list of most-capped players.

Arnor spent most of his career in Belgium, including a 7-year stint at Anderlecht in the 80’s. He then moved to France and Sweden, which is where we find him at the start of the 97-98 season.



(he had been signed by Malmo at this point in the first season..not been doing badly for them though eh?)


OK he’s 36 and in the Swedish league, Even if you do manage to sign him, you’re not going to get much of out of him. But that’s not the point. He’s going to retire in a season or two. When he does hang up his boots, his regen is going to be immense. Look at those 20’s – Determination, Heading, Influence, Shooting etc.

As a DMFC, you can stick him in the anchor role and he’ll average 7 to 8 every year, and chip in with a few goals too. If you’re playing a direct style of football then he can double as a prolific striker. Play him in centre-mid as well if you like, or attacking midfield. Basically, put him on the pitch and he’ll dominate. As he gets older, he’s the perfect captain as well


Unfortunately I’ve had to wait a couple of seasons for him to retire and respawn, As soon as he did, I signed him up for Doncaster. This is his first season, with about 10 games left


Not bad for a 19 year-old who cost 5k. I’ve been mostly playing him in attacking midfield. His value is currently £1.4 million and climbing. His combination of affordability, versatility and ability make him my number-one must buy for any team I manage. I haven’t been able to find much online love for him, has anyone else signed him up for their teams?


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