Pre-season shenanigans & another new club

Following on from the Kevin Keegan to Cagliari bomb-shell, there’s a lot more to update you about…

First up the end-of-season gongs are handed out. Paolo Maldini a deserving winner of the presitigious European award (still looks weird seeing him as a Juve player though). I snapped up the Division 1 and 3 top-scorers for Watford at the end of the season

awards1 awards2 awards3

The managerial carousel is on overdrive this summer. First up, this news from Belgium


If my experience is anything to go by, he jumped before he was pushed. I swallowed my pride and applied for the job again. I had always planned to be managing a team in each country, and Watford was only a stop-gap. However…


Another Anderlecht legend gets offered the chance to bring the glory days back to The Constant Van Den Stock Stadium

Over the channel it’s all kicking off


Roy’s not out of work for long though, as he makes a bold, if unexpected move abroad.

harelbelke evans

Who’s going to replace him at Anfield though? Obviously it’ll need to be someone in the pass and move Liverpool tradition right? Or maybe a more left-field progressive choice like Gerard Houillier (who succeeded Roy in real life). Well, no, not really

He’s done a great job at Wimbledon to be fair. As long as he manages to learn his players’ names and keeps winning games, then no-one can argue against his appointment. Wimbledon raid Sheff Weds for their new manager, as Gordon Milne takes the trip down south. Who will the Wednesday turn to?


Obviously my promotion in Italy, and steadying the ship at Monza has been noted in the UK. They’ve got a squad that’s certainly good enough to survive in the Premier League.


Page and Rufus usually develop into international players, and I love a bit of Alexandersson (one of only two DMFRLC’s in the game). I’m already managing two teams in England though, so I turn them down.

Who’s the second choice?

big ron

Perfect! Big Ron back at one of his many previous clubs

I finally get an offer that I am interested in, and so my short stay at Watford comes to an end..


I needed 10 minutes to pack my bags and put a phone call in to Elton John, before I’m on the first plane out of Hertfordshire (are there any airports in Hertfordshire?) and on my way to Flanders. (Bad timing really cos I’d been putting together a tasty squad over the summer at Watford)


I know, you can’t really say there are any household names there. Rodrigo Palomina is probably the pick of the bunch – an Aussie striker with 35 goals over the last two seasons. We’ve got £1,000,000 in the bank (this is in the days before Euros), so hopefully I can bring a few players in and build a decent side.

Watford complete the managerial cycle with their appointment. I’ve left Gerry with a top quality squad for Division 2 (and a supply of hair-care products). I’ll be keeping an eye on how he does there.


What about the summer transfer market?

trasn1 trans4 trans2 trans3

A few big money moves. Whoever decided to shell out £9 million for Gronkjaer needs a good talking-to, mind. Alex Ferguson missed out on the speedy Dane, but he makes up for it by doing the inevitable, adding the biggest name of all to his collection of young English stars. That’s not going to make Mickey a popular boy on Merseysideowen

Joe Kinnear uses some of the money to take one of United’s reserves off their hands.


Shame, I was hoping Rio would rot at United for another year or two, losing value, and then I could have snapped him up for one of my clubs.

The other big pre-season news….

glenda lippi

Glenn has been a total failure in the last couple of years. Failing to qualify for France ’98 and stumbling to an embarrasing defeat against Armenia in Euro ’00 qualifiers. They’ve only gone and replaced him with the greatest manager of his generation. Lippi has surprisingly opted to leave his all-conquering Juventus team to take on the challenge of revitalising a faded giant of international football. Well, he can’t do any worse than Glenn can he?

Where will Juve turn as they attempt to continue their dynasty?


Guidolin, you’ll remember, got Parma relegated and won the UEFA cup in the season that has just finished. Maybe Juventus are looking to focus on Europe next season..


He’ll have my first choice goalie to help him on the way. Alessandro did OK for us, but I wouldn’t have expected Italy’s two finest teams to be fighting over his signature

Is a changing of the guard on the way in England?

charity shield

Probably not if we’re honest. Blackburn won an early penalty and played 85 minutes against ten men, but still needed penalties to beat United.

The fixtures computer in Belgium through up a home game against my old team Anderlecht first up for Waregem.


Two minutes away from holding them to a draw. The big three of Standard, Bruges and Anderlecht are miles ahead of the rest in the Jupiler League, but no reason why I can’t finish as best of the rest in 4th place. I’ll leave you with the top of the league after 3 games. jupe3

Roy Evans in wonderland, but will it last? (No, it almost certainly won’t)


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