Turmoil in Turin – the Italian job goes sour

When I thought about creating a CM9798 website I had a few ideas in mind. One was to document a mega 30-season game spread over 3 countries, another was to add something to the small (but growing) cm9798 online community. Also, I thought I would share what had worked for me – that anyone reading through this could go away and build their own all-conquering teams

Obviously getting sacked early in my second season at Anderlecht, probably didn’t help my reputation as an expert Championship Manager…but hey, losing 1 job out of 3, in exceptional circumstances, is excusable, right?

Getting sacked twice in two months? That starts to look like incompetence.

Well, guess what? It seems that the Torino board weren’t happy with our start to the season.


I could point out that I had got us promoted. I could also point out that we had a healthy bank account, had only played 5 games and we were one win away from mid-table. Oh and I could point to us being above Lazio and level with Roma. Whichever way you try to spin it, I’m out of an Italian job. This, then, will stand as my only ever victory in Serie A (for now..)


Not your average mid-90’s Serie A game. We were 4-1 up after 30 minutes and nearly threw it away.

At least I’ll have someone to keep me company in the Italian job centre


That decision raised a few eyebrows on the peninsula..

This is the squad I leave behind. Lots of bodies, but ultimately not enough quality. The big names I had bought in like Iuliano and Kanu just didn’t do enough and I never managed to attract a top-level striker to the club


I was a man in demand though, almost immediately, this happened

notts co offer

That would be, Notts County, bottom of Division 3, with no money and only half-a-squad. I politely declined

notts co team

It soon became apparent that I wasn’t going to walk into a big job. Arrigo Sacchi, manager of the greatest club side of the previous 20 years, and World Cup finalist – or me?


Tottenham went for the left-field choice of Bryan Robson to replace Arrigo. If there’s hope for Robbo, there’s hope for me surely?

monza squad

Well yes, how about the team who finished one place above the relegation zone in Serie B last year? A team that is broke, and lost its star goalie in the summer? (I bought Abbiati for Torino in one of my last acts of manager, d’oh!)

My first game against fellow strugglers Como went well…


(Confession time – yes, I selectively cropped that picture with the shots stats to make it seem like we were unlucky)

In the meantime, surely a first in Division 2 in England, where a manager plays a game against himself. I got the 3 points, despite young Gifton’s best efforts.


There was more good news for Doncaster as il Tony left the club for a decent fee


We embarked on a run in the FA Cup too, including this giant-killing in the 4th round. 3-0 up after 3 minutes, with our latest bright young thing Isiah Rankin scoring twice.


Any thoughts I had about reaching a cup final were soon ended by a 3-0 defeat at Crystal Palace in round 5.

The managerial merry-go-round was throwing up a few surprise appointments

fash cosenza stocjport

We had a chance to take on John Fashanu’s Kettering in the Area Final of the Auto Windscreen Trophy (I know, I know). Unsurprisingly they went route one, with a 4-4-2, long-ball formation. The Crazy Gang tactics didn’t work though, as Fash’s lads were blown away in the first leg.


Looks like an Orient-Doncaster final, very much in keeping with league form

div2 34 games

Watford sneaking up into the top half there too, we’ve got an outside chance of an automatic promotion and play-off spot. With all the sackings and new clubs, my Doncaster team haven’t received enough love on this page, but they are motoring towards successive promotions and their squad is worth more than a lot of Premier League teams


Jamie Allinson, Jamie Woodsford and Nathan Munson cost a combined total of £0 and are now worth nearly £10million between them. We’ve also managed to prise a few talented youngsters like Wellens, Rankin and Duncan away from Premier league clubs. I’ve lost a few younger lads on big-club release clauses, but I’ve made sure players like Brebner and Scully can’t go the same way (to be explained in another post at some point)

It’s as you were in the Premier League. United look to be walking to the title again


They are through to the quarter-finals of the FA Cup too and only Roy Hodgson stands between them and further cup success elsewhere


It’s the same familiar faces in Italy with a Ronaldo-inspired Inter leading the way. But, <cough> how did sacking your manager work out for you Torino? <cough>

seriea 24


And yes I know, no-one cares about Belgium. You’re going to see the league table anyway though, because it seems that Torino aren’t the only ones to be underperforming after sacking me..


Last season’s Champions League winners PSG look to be heading through to the semis this time around, along with Italy’s big two. More Euro heart-ache in store for Fergie though


To be honest, I’ve not got much sympathy for him. United have become a graveyard for the brightest English prospects. I thought that was meant to be Chelsea’s job? Just two appearances all season for these three combined

wright rio0 redknapp

All is not lost for Monza either. After a few shellackings early on in my reign, we’ve got back on track and climbed the league.


We could still make a late push for promotion, but to be honest, with that defence, I don’t think we’re ready for Ronaldo, Del Piero and co just yet…


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