Time to get the Hornets buzzing

So when we last spoke, my Belgian persona was idling his time away on the golf course and doing a bit of punditry work to keep busy. I was just about to begin work on a warts-and-all autobiography, exposing life behind the scenes at Anderlecht, when this happened



I had been planning on waiting for a big job in Belgium to come up, but to be honest, there aren’t many big jobs in Belgium and I doubt Milan or Man Utd will be falling over themselves to appoint a failed Belgian manager. The Watford squad looks good on paper, even if they are underachieving in the league. Plus I get to work for Elton John..



Gifton Noel-Williams is a CM97/98 legend who is usually sold early on in the first season, and Micah Hyde often moves on to bigger things too. This time, they are both still with us. They haven’t been performing brilliantly so far for the Hornets, but with careful handling, they are more than good enough to lead us through the divisions. We’ve also got a potential comedy strike-pairing of


It also means I’ve now got two teams in the same league, although they are going in different directions at the moment



A decent win first-up against local rivals Luton, with Ronnie Rosenthal showing that he is more than just a funny YouTube clip


I’d like to return to Belgium in future, hopefully a few years boosting my managerial reputation at Vicarage Road will put me in a position to apply for one of the big Jupiler League jobs in future…maybe a triumphant return to Anderlecht?

In the meantime, while Doncaster are running away to promotion, there’s plenty happening in Italy too…stay tuned for more!


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