Champ Mananger’s Tactics Truck

So here’s the bit where I share my tactical knowledge which ensured that Torino and Anderlecht failed to win their leagues, despite arguably having the best squads….

Back in the day I was a Champ Man 97/98 maestro, I would generally start in Division 3 and would aim to win the league and champions league in 5 or 6 seasons. It was a long time ago however, and at the time I was a student who spent most of his time smoking poor quality hash. As a result, I can’t remember the exact details of tactics (or anything useful about my degree), so I’ve had to reconstruct these tactics as I go along.

I decided to assign a different, successful tactic to each of the three teams. Partly for a bit of variety and partly so they weren’t all chasing the same players.

First up Anderlecht, this was my default Division 3 to Champions League tactic, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be working as well in this game. I’m not 100% sure that I’ve got it right yet



You can also bring the two wide players into centre midfield, with their arrows still pointing to the same area as in the picture above. This one can leak the odd goal though, often if I’m 1 up in a close game I’ll sub on a midfielder for one of the forwards and put him in the anchor role. Chilavert and Charvet are always worth buying, if you can get hold of them.

As for Doncaster…



I’ve been playing around with this formation for a while but 7 successive big wins at the end of the season suggest it’s on the right track. It’s a 4-2-3-1, which wasn’t really in use in the real world when the game was released, but is used by a lot of clubs today. Three central attacking midfielders always seems to work really well, the team creates a lot of chances and the players in those positions get much higher ratings than they would in the usual midfield positions. You can play an MC, AMC or FC in one of those three spots – even wingers can do OK there. You’ll need a decent striker though (like Andy Mainwaring!)- if your forward is having a bad game you’re going to be on the back foot. There’s a few must-have lower league players in there – Tomlinson, Scully, Atkinson, Mainwaring and Munson can be bought in for a combined 5k at the start of the game. I missed out on Andrew Duncan this time though 😦

Il schemo tattico del Torino



I’ve used this tactic with Torino before, dominating Italy and Europe. The wide players always seem to do well in this tactic, as do the 3 attacking midfielders and striker. Besides centre-forward, the most important position in this tactic is the holding midfielder player. Get the right man in the here and he’ll be a beast winning loads of tackles and headers. But if you don’t have anyone good enough, the tactic doesn’t work anywhere near as well. Stefano Desideri is a decent stop-gap but I’m basically waiting for that 37 year-old Icelandic DM/FC to retire (you know who I mean!) so I can buy his regenerated offspring…

There’s not much info out there on the best cm97/98 tactics so I’d be interested to hear other people’s ideas and experiences


3 thoughts on “Champ Mananger’s Tactics Truck

  1. my typical tactic is 4-5-1 (you might call it 4-3-2-1), using two midfield wingers with arrows till the top, one central midfielder (sometimes defensive midfielder) and two central attacking midfielders (as the game is crowded of skillful number 10’s)

    another tactic would be a different 4-5-1 (or 4-2-3-1), using two central midfielders, one central attacking midfielder and two attacking midfield wingers

    (both tactics with a 4 man defense and one striker)

    But – as my Leyton Orient squad has so many incredible number 10’s I think I might try your Doncaster tactic


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