The Story Begins

So its the summer of 1997. Tony Blair is sweeping into power on a wave of optimism, the days of crippling social-inequality, and out-of-touch, war-mongering, politicians are over (right?). The English football team have established themselves as a real force, following up a Euro 96 semi-final with a win in Le Tournoi. A mysterious new computer program called the internet is beginning to catch on, but has yet to be taken over by angry football fans.

Against this backdrop, a number of leading European teams (and Doncaster) have been making the headlines

Torino, aiming to bounce straight back to Serie A, boast a squad including returning hero Gigi Lentini, backed up by the likes of  Matjaz Florijanjic, Marco Ferrante and, er, Tony Dorigo. The city is shocked by the appointment of a novice manager, Vino Cacciatore. Half-way through the first season and they’re sitting in the promotion places and looking good


Tony Dorigo is on-loan at Doncaster, and not getting much of a look-in there either

Apart from Club Bruges and Standard Liege, Anderlecht do not face much competition in Belgium. In a bid to liven things up in the Jupiler League, they have asked unknown Vincent Chasseur to take the reigns this year. He will be taking over a squad with a number of promising youngsters, captained by Red Devils legend Enzo Scifo, they will be a formidable force domestically.


A period of managerial instability has seen Doncaster come into the new season with a bemusing collection of right and left wingers and not much else. To top off their problems, their new first-team coach has no track record in the game, and doesn’t plan on playing any wide men. A few bargains, known to any long-time Champ managers, soon sort the squad out though, and as we move into Christmas they are sitting just outside the play-offs. There’s still a disgruntled group of wingers turning out for the reserves, at some point they’re going to have to be kicked out..


We served up a cracker early on in the season.. 7-1 up after 39 minutes but nearly letting it slip.

85 maccs-1


Yep that’s Dalian Atkinson lining up the red-and-white of Donny Rovers. He’s been banging them in, but we’ll need more from the rest of the squad if we’re going to end the year with promotion


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